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Arseny Avraamov

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Arsenij Avraamov’s best-known creation involved the Caspian port of Baku, for the Fifth Anniversary of the Soviet Republic on 7 November 1922. A spectacle, called the Symphony of the Factory Sirens, used the services of a huge cast of choirs (joined by spectators), the foghorns of the entire Soviet Caspian flotilla, two batteries of artillery guns, a number of full infantry regiments (including a machine-gun division) hydroplanes, and all the factory sirens of Baku. Conductors posted on specially built towers signaled various sound units with colored flags and pistol shots. A central ‘steam-whistle machine’ pounded out The Internationale and La Marseillaise as noisy ‘autotransports’ (half-tracks) raced across Baku for a gigantic sound finale in the festival square.